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The profile menu with a grabbable camera in the lower right corner.

The camera is available in the Profile Menu of your Watch Menu: grab it with a free hand by moving the controller close to the camera and pulling the trigger. It is also available with the Expresso system and with a particular hand gesture.

The camera allows you to take pictures anywhere in Rec Room using either a front- or rear-facing camera. Pictures taken by the camera can be uploaded to or printed virtually, which will make a small virtual object that will stick to surfaces it's placed on, and will be saved in custom rooms. You can also set the picture as your profile picture.
Profile camera

Camera grabbed from profile menu ready to take a photo.

Profile camera settings

Camera settings.

When using a camera, you can close the camera with the top-left button; open the camera settings (timer and Film filter) with the top-right button; activate a tripod option with the bottom-left button to freeze the camera midair when you drop it; switch between front-facing and rear-facing camera with the bottom-right button; and take a picture with the bottom-center button.
Profile camera display

Camera after taking a picture.

After taking a picture, you can return to take another picture with the top-left button; print it virtually with the top-center button; set it as profile picture with the top-right button; and upload it to with the bottom-center button.