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"Active" tab of the Backpack Menu of the Watch Menu


Consumables are (often shareable) items like pizza, beer, films for your Camera, potions for various visual effects, and K.O. skins for hits in Paintball. They are purely cosmetic and don't provide any significant advantage in Games. Consumables can be bought in the Store Menu of the Watch Menu, at the Merch Booth, or received as a random reward after a Game. You can see your consumables and (de)select active consumables in the Backpack Menu of the Watch Menu.

List of Consumables

Currently, there are four different types of consumables: film, potions, food, and "other."


Available films in the Store Menu


Films can be used to add filters to the pictures that you take with your Camera. The currently obtainable films are:

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Available potions in the Store Menu


Potions are a drinkable consumables that trigger effects, for example, when you high five someone. These effects include:

  • Ego Potion (makes your head very big)
  • Golden High Five Potion (creates gold coins when you high-five someone)
  • Magic High Five Potion (creates fireworks when you high-five someone)
  • An additional high-five potion is available from Laser Tag

Available food items in the Store Menu


Food includes a six-pack of root beer, which is a case of six shareable beer bottles that are drinkable (but provide no further effect), and various types of shareable pizza that can be eaten by picking up pieces and bringing them close to your headset, in particular:

  • Cheese Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Supreme Pizza

Available K.O. skins in the Store Menu


Other consumables include K.O. skins, which are audiovisual effects that appear above players who you have shot in Paintball and other games. In particular:

  • Bear Claw
  • Shield & Sword
  • Winged Skull
  • Additional K.O. skins are available as rewards from Rec Royale