You can access your consumables in the backpack tab

From update release notes : "Visit the merch booth to buy fun shareable items like pizza, potions and more. Perfect for hanging out with friends!"

These items have no actual purpoise, other than in social settings where they serve as something fun to share. Consumables can either be bought at the Merch Booth or given as a reward for a quest once you have gotten all obtainable cosmetic sets.

Root Beer

Root beer is a drinkable consumable that gives the player no effects after it has been drunk. A case of 6 beers can be bought at the merch booth for 50 tokens, making them cost 8,3 tokens per bottle.


Cheese pizza is an edible consumable that can be shared with other players.


Potions are a drinkable consumable that trigger effects when you high five someone. These effects include, but are not limited to, explosions, fireworks, and gold coins pouring out of your hands. Potions can be bought at the Merch Booth for 30 tokens each.

Camera Films

Camera Films can be used to add filters to your pictures. The current obtainable films are: