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A package displaying the reason for obtaining in the top left, the rarity in the top right, and the specific event on the face.

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A gift box containing Lumberjack cosmetics

Packages (formerly known as "gift boxes") contain cosmetic items or tokens that can buy cosmetic items in the Merch Booth. You open packages by grabbing the zipper on the top of the package and pulling it from the left side to the right side.

Packages are obtained in various ways:

  1. You have a chance of receiving a package with tokens for every game you complete. The chance is reduced with every package you get this way, but it resets to a high chance once every day.
  2. You get a package with tokens for every completed Daily Challenge.
  3. You get a package with tokens for completing all Daily Challenges.
  4. You get a package with a cosmetic item for every completed Weekly Challenge.
  5. You have a chance of receiving a package with a cosmetic item of a game-specific cosmetic set after completing specific games; e.g., an item of the Lumberjack Set after completing a paintball game on the Clear Cut map.
  6. You get a package with tokens when you Level-up.
  7. You can buy packages with cosmetic items for tokens in the Merch Booth.
  8. The are other reasons for receiving packages (e.g., winning a cosmetic item as a prize of a competition). All packages show the reason for obtaining them in the top left.

Some packages indicate the rarity of the cosmetic item that they contain with one to five stars. One star items are "starter items" that are available to all players. Five star items are very rare.

Note that it is possible to earn many of the cosmetic items that are not specific to any game by completing Quest for the Golden Trophy, The Rise of Jumbotron, or The Curse of the Crimson Cauldron when you have earned all quest items on the rank that you have achieved.