Rec Room Laser Tag ... We've been having a blast playing it at the Against Gravity headquarters, and we're really excited to share it with you!
— Against Gravity, Update Page

Lasertag lobby

Lobby of Laser Tag


Inside the Laser Tag arena


Alongside Paintball and Quests, Laser Tag is one of the currently most popular games in Rec Room.

In Laser Tag, two teams of players battle for dominance with a variety of futuristic weapons (similar to those in Jumbotron) and support from automatically spawning bots. Currently, the only mode is team deathmatch.


The first team to reach 400 points, or the team with the most points when 10 minutes is up, wins the game. Players gain points by downing enemy players and bots. 2 points are awarded for downing enemy bots, and 10 points are awarded for downing an enemy player or elite bot.


Behaviour: As in Jumbotron, all weapons have to be reloaded before firing by pulling parts of the weapon towards the player with the hand that is not holding the weapon. (The pistol can also be reloaded by throwing it to flip it upside-down.) All weapons but the shotgun and power weapon do extra damage for a head-shot. The weapons have the same characteristics as those from Jumbotron, except the pistol, which has a drastically increased fire rate to account for weapon balancing.


Bots spawn in waves of four robots, or [number] robots and [number] elite bots. They then advance forwards to the enemy base, and fight with any enemy bots or players that are close-by. They also target enemy players who have shot them. The bots do significant damage and can take down an unaware player in 2 hits.

Ticket Shop

Laser Tag Ticket Shop

For each game of laser tag, you gain 25 tickets (fewer if you joined mid-way through the game), plus an additional 100 bonus tickets for your first five games of the day. These can be spent on the cosmetic items available in the laser tag lobby.

Notable Players

The most recognized and best players of Laser Tag include:

  • Ryan
  • Gooboberti
  • BOT