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Starting room of Quest for the Golden Trophy.

PROJECTIONS, Episode 46 Vacation Simulator and Rec Room!

PROJECTIONS, Episode 46 Vacation Simulator and Rec Room!

YouTube interview (starting at 12:03) about Quests with Josh Wehrly from Against Gravity


In Quest games, up to four (three in Isle of Lost Skulls) players attempt to battle through levels filled with enemies and breakable loot containers to defeat the final boss and earn a treasure chest.

Enemies and breakable containers provide points which combine into your team score which determines the rank of your Quest Rating. If you win, the item in your treasure chest will be from the Quest Cosmetic Set of the rank that you have achieved (or a lower rank if you have all items of the achieved rank). Be careful though, one hit from an enemy (or an allies ranged weapon) will down you and cost your team points. If your entire team is downed, you lose the Quest, so high five them to get them back on their feet.

Invite your friends, grab a weapon and get in there and experience the best game mode in Rec Room!

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