Rec Room is a social VR game created by developer Against Gravity and distributed freely for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Playstation VR. Rec Room contains a wide variety of games for people to play while interacting in a virtual space, providing one of the best VR experiences currently available.

Most recent major update: November 18, 2017: "Laser Tag" Edition

Patch notes and previous updates

Tools & Locations

All content related to Rec Room is property of the developer: Against Gravity


Event: Dev Q&A

Host: The Rec Room Devs

Date: Friday, 11/24/2017 (tentative)

Time: 4:00 PT (tentative)

Link: no link yet (weekly events announced by gribbly on discord)

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Wiki News

Cleaned up categories (removed "Other", new categories "Tools" and "Community"); restructured main menu; deleted unused pages; added some community pages.

Added pages about the Lounge, Performance Hall, Park, Sandbox Machine, and Laser Tag.

Updated the Dorm Room, Dorm Computer, and Roomcode pages.

Updated the Watch Menu page.

Updated the Maker Pen page for the "RC Car" edition.

Added paintball map overviews and quest rating breakpoints.

Murder Mystery page has been mostly rewritten.

All Jumbotron pieces are now accounted for! Big thanks to Dragonfrost for your help!

Most pages with individual pieces of the sets have been removed and redirected to the set pages.


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