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Gif camera

There are three types of video camera available in Rec Room. These cameras allow users to record short clips of their time in Rec Room (currently these do not work on PSVR).

Video and Gif Cameras Edit

Vid camera

When held, the video cameras display what they can see. To take a video, hold the trigger down, and observe a red dot and a red progress line on the video output. This shows how long you've been recording and how long you have left on this video. Videos taken on PC save to Documents/Rec Room. The gif camera records video in gif format, and the video camera records video in mp4 format. Currently there is no implementation for sound recording.

Live camera Edit

Jmb camera

Currently this camera is available only in Paddleball.

When held, this camera displays what it can see on the large jumbotron in the sports hall. When dropped, the last held position of the camera is used. Apart from that, it works like the gif camera.