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The Watch Menu main screen.

How To Rec Room 1 - the Watch Menu

How To Rec Room 1 - the Watch Menu

YouTube tutorial by Against Gravity


The watch menu can be activated by looking at your wrist and can only be seen by you. (In case you have checked "Tap watch to open menu" in the settings, you also have tap your wrist/watch with your other hand.) The menu provides many useful functions that will make your Rec Room experience more fun and convenient. It also contains the Camera.

The different functions can be navigated by selecting the buttons using the pointer of your other hand, either clicking or pressing them.

You may also lock the menu in place by pressing a button on the controller currently activating the watch. (HTC Vive: menu button; Oculus Rift: B or Y button; PlayStation VR: triangle or square button.) This will cause the menu to float in space so you don't have to keep holding your arm up.

The watch face also functions as an analog timepiece for your current timezone.

Profile MenuEdit

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The profile menu with information about your character

The profile button displays your current profile picture, nickname and account name, your Level, received cheers, your (grabbable) mini-avatar, number of subscribers (relevant on, the number of available tokens for purchases in the Merch Booth, and a (grabbable) Camera. Pressing on your profile picture will bring up a selfie camera that is useful as a mirror.

You can also set a phone number to be informed about game invites when you are offline. With the "Saved Outfits" button you can save or select one of nine outfits. The "Leave Party" button lets you leave a "party" of players that you have joined by fist-bumping. (When any member of the party goes to a different activity, they are asked whether they want to invite all other members of the party.)

Challenges MenuEdit

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Completed weekly challenges.

The challenges menu contains your current weekly and daily Challenges. You earn tokens for completing weekly challenges and cosmetic items for completing weekly challenges.
How To Rec Room - Custom Rooms

How To Rec Room - Custom Rooms

Custom Rooms MenuEdit

Custom rooms may be used to customise the built-in games or create new games. In "standard room mode," you can create public or private invite-only games, change the length of games, change the weapons that are available, etc. In "sandbox room mode," you can add or remove items, construct new objects, and/or program new game rules.

Room mode

Dialog box asking for the room mode of a newly created custom room.

The five tabs of the custom rooms menu allow you to browse active public custom rooms, create new private or public custom rooms, search for a custom room by "^name", and list the custom rooms that you have created. To change any settings of the custom room that you are in, see the This Room Menu. See the article Custom Rooms for featured custom rooms.

New customs rooms are created either in "standard room mode" without Sandbox Machine (but with custom game options in the Game tab of the This Room Menu) or in "sandbox room mode" with Sandbox Machine. (Lounges, Performance Halls, Parks, and Maker Rooms are always created in sandbox room mode; Quests are always created in standard room mode; for all other activities, the room mode has to be specified in a dialog box.)

Activities MenuEdit

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First page of the activities menu,

Across the top are two buttons that take you to a random Rec Center or your Dorm Room.

Across the middle are some of the different game areas: Laser Tag, Quests, Paintball, and Charades on the first page. Dodgeball, Disc Golf, Paddleball, and Soccer are on the second page. Click the arrows across the bottom to change between pages of activities.

If you select a game that has different maps such as Paintball, Quests, or Disc Golf, it will bring up a sub menu that allows you to choose the one you want, or random in some cases.

How to Rec Room 5 - Kick and Report

How to Rec Room 5 - Kick and Report

People MenuEdit

The four tabs of the people menu allow you to show the list of other players in the same room, players you have befriended, and players you have been in a room with recently. You can also search for other players by their name. You can invite players to your game, send a friend request to them, mute them, and report them through the interface.

Messages MenuEdit

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The messages menu

Your watch menu will occasionally vibrate to alert you of an incoming notification. Those notifications can be found on this page. There are a variety of notifications that may require your attention, such as friend requests, friends coming online, invitations to rooms, requests for an invitation to your room, votes to kick/report other players in your room, or errors that Rec Room may experience.

This Room MenuEdit

The This Room menu consists of 4 tabs:

This room creator

Details tab of the This Room menu

The Details tab is for managing a custom room, including:

  • changing its name and description (but you have to save the room first),
  • saving the room,
  • restoring the room to a previously saved state,
  • cloning the room to create a new custom room based on an existing one,
  • showing information about your roles in the room (owner and host),
  • changing the privacy of the room (private, unlisted, or public),
  • changing its setup (maximum number of players and whether instancing of the room is allowed, i.e., whether new instances of the room are created when the maximum number of players is reached and whether new (invite-only) instances of the room can be started),
  • manually starting a new (invite-only) instance of the room (if instancing is allowed), and
  • going to the room (unless you are already there).
This room host

First screen of the host tab.

This room host2

Second screen of the host tab.

The two screens of the Host tab include options to

  • mute guests,
  • allow hosts only to vote kick guests,
  • enforce host areas (in particular stages),
  • allow hosts only to invite guests,
  • allow hosts only to start games,
  • allow walking (i.e., smooth/sliding/gliding locomotion),
  • allow flying,
  • allow hosts only to print pictures,
  • specify the visibility of Circuits,
  • allow scoreboards.

CAUTION: Locomotion methods like walking or flying cause Virtual Reality sickness for many players; the effects include discomfort, vomiting, and nausea that may last for hours after using VR. Consider warning players of the possible effects and respect their decision not to use these locomotion methods.

This room scoreboard

Scoreboard tab

The Scoreboard tab displays the score of the current game and includes buttons to start the game and switch the team.

In sandbox room mode, the Game tab includes options for teleportation speed, a button for starting a game, and a button for switching the team. In standard room mode, the Game tab includes options for maximum score, duration, field items (e.g., weapons), starting items for both hands of respawning players, and a switch team button.

Settings MenuEdit

There are four tabs containing settings with a large number of options you can change, detailed below:

Audio TabEdit

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Audio tab

Here you can adjust the volume for Music, Sounds, Ambience, and Voice independently.

Another slider allows you to change your pitch so your voice sounds deeper or higher, but be aware that it may make you difficult to understand.

You can also change your microphone activation from always-on, to push-to-talk (activated by squeezing the grip buttons) or disable it altogether.

The sound level indicator allows you to check your microphone.

When your microphone is set to "On", a Mute Gesture checkbox determines whether or not holding your hand in front of your mouth will temporarily mute you.

Experience TabEdit

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Experience tab

The Teleport bubble slider creates a barrier around your character within which other players may not teleport. Setting it to large helps to protect your personal space. Setting it to small is more convenient for other players, allowing them to move around more freely.

How To Rec Room 2 the Ignore Bubble

How To Rec Room 2 the Ignore Bubble

YouTube tutorial by Against Gravity

The Ignore bubble is the area in which players become invisible to you (e.g., when they try to invade your personal space).

The bottom checkboxes influence matchmaking, how to open the watch menu, and friend-notification behavior.

Gameplay TabEdit

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1st screen of the Gameplay tab

Settings gameplay3

Comfort options

Settings gameplay2

2nd screen of the Gameplay options

The Gameplay tab consists of 2 screens. The first screen includes a button to access "Comfort options" which allow you to limit the field of view for specific movements to reduce the effects of Virtual Reality sickness for some players.

The other settings on the 1st screen are these ones:

  • Tracking mode is a setting for whether you have full room scale tracking, or only partial. (On PSVR, the setting "360" deactivates the comfort blinders.)
  • Smooth rotate changes if/how you can rotate with the controller grip buttons (HTC Vive), with the analog sticks clicked in (Oculus Rift) or with both(!) Move buttons pushed at the same time (PSVR). (See Basic Controls.)
  • Swipe rotate angle changes how far you turn when using swipe rotation. (See Basic Controls.)
  • The swipe rotate checkbox disables that feature if you do not like it.
  • Walking mode activates sliding/gliding/smooth locomotion with the "teleport button" on one of the controllers if walking is allowed for the room (see the Host tab of the This Room Menu).
  • Thumbstick walk takes the direction of the thumbstick or the position on the touchpad into account to determine the walking direction instead of using only the direction of the controllers.
  • Show room center puts a convenient arrow on the floor in the center of your play area pointing in the "forward" direction. This is very useful for keeping track of your orientation and location in your play space.

The 2nd screen of the Gameplay options includes two check boxes:

  • Touch to teleport being enabled allows you to teleport by merely touching the trackpad instead of having to click it.
  • Motion teleport moves the camera when teleporting, as opposed to blacking the screen momentarily while you teleport if this setting is off.

Advanced TabEdit

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Advanced tab

The last tab has a Graphics Quality slider allowing you to adjust the games visual fidelity.

The Help Page button opens Against Gravity's Help Center in you default browser.

The checkboxes allow you to keep the profile on the selection screen when starting Rec Room, hide all other players names, and to disable the use of the video cameras found throughout the game. (Video cameras are not available on PSVR.)

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Stream Mixer menu

The Streaming Cam (not available on PSVR) changes how the game is displayed on the mirror window by placing a camera behind you instead of showing what you see. To use the Stream Mixer, slide the Streaming Cam slider to On and press the Stream Mixer button.

You can use the arrow buttons to scroll through the options for cameras.  Generally, there is a first person camera and follow camera for each player, plus a teleport-only cam for your own avatar.  To choose which view to show on an external screen, click on the button with the view you would like.  You can see a small version of the display on the watch.  To revert back to first person view of your own avatar, click the reset button.